About Us


The National Fraternity & Founding at UNL

Phi Kappa Theta was formed as a National Catholic Fraternity through the union of two older fraternities: Phi Kappa (est. 1889) and Theta Kappa Phi (est. 1919). Today, Phi Kappa Theta has 44 Chapters and 4 Colonies at universities in 24 states. More than 1,500 men are actively involved in undergraduate Chapters, and there are over 50,000 alumni brothers worldwide. Phi Kappa Theta was originally established at UNL in the 1920s but closed during the Great Depression. We rechartered in 2005, and have since been selected as the Big Brother Chapter for three new Phi Kappa Theta Colonies at South Dakota, Colorado State, and Wisconsin.

Focusing on Faith

Phi Kappa Theta is unique from other Greek fraternities at UNL because of our commitment to living out our faith in our everyday lives. Phi Kappa Theta members are expected to actively lead lives that follow the ideals of the Christian faith. The Brotherhood provides an opportunity to grow in faith through accountability, attending the Sacraments, bible studies, and spiritual retreats. Phi Kappa Theta embraces its Catholic heritage, openly accepts those of other faiths, and embodies the moral values upon which it was established.

Association and Membership

The Associate class will go through a semester long orientation program that will highlight our fraternal values, the UNL Greek community, and the national history of Phi Kappa Theta. Guided by the direction of the Associate Member Educator, Associates will be expected to complete a minimum of four proctored study hours per week, maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.8, and participate in fraternal events such as socials and philanthropies.

Achieving Academic Success

The primary purposes of attending UNL are to graduate and be prepared for success in a career. Making the transition from high school to college can be difficult. We will work with each student to ensure academic success by teaching memory development, learning techniques, as well as successful note-taking and test-taking skills. Phi Kappa Theta members will have access to UNL faculty and staff who serve as Fraternity advisors.

Meeting Financial Obligations

Dues are set and paid on a semester basis. Each Brother’s contribution assists in financing socials, brotherhood events, intramural sports, insurance, philanthropies, and any other events the Fraternity chooses to engage in.

Building Brotherhood

Phi Kaps are committed to building a strong brotherhood that will last for life and help members to grow intellectually, spiritually, and physically through involvement in campus activities and within the Greek Community. The bonds of brotherhood formed in fraternity life are often unmatched among other clubs and organizations. Through intramural sports, socials, and philanthropies brothers in Phi Kappa Theta grow to become a truly supportive family.

Social Activities

Phi Kappa Theta strives to build up connections with other fraternities and sororities within the greek community. However, we also stretch beyond the Greek community to build networks with other groups and organizations throughout the campus and the Lincoln community. The social chair is committed to creating interesting and exciting activities such as movie nights with sororities, weekend events, golf outings, tailgates, camping trips, concerts, and other activities.


In addition to promoting academic success and building a strong brotherhood, one of the most important aspects of any fraternity should be giving back to the community. Phi Kappa Theta is committed to helping those less fortunate by hosting fundraising events in support of Children’s Miracle Network. Brothers also are encouraged to attend service events, volunteer within the community, and extend their services to others.

Enhancing Leadership Skills: Campus Involvement

One of the most fundamental skills for success is strong leadership. Phi Kappa Theta offers many opportunities, such as leadership positions, to develop the skills and qualities often seen in good leaders. In addition, we promote campus involvement, which helps to develop these skills through opportunities such as student government, academic clubs, and various organizations. These opportunities provide a great experience for resume development and learning skills for success after college.

Getting Set-Up for Success in Life: Vocational Development

In his Inaugural Mass homily, Pope Benedict XVI said, “Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary.” The key to the challenges found through life is a life of faith. Phi Kappa Theta encourages men of all denominations to build a closer relationship with God in order to attain peace and joy within their lives and to be able to discover their calling in life. Brothers will also have the opportunity to receive individual assistance with resume development, summer internships, community networking, and life-skills workshops to ensure that they are walking firmly on a path of success.